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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a pantry?

Want to register for a pantry? Contact and come down to our Silver City Facility located at 501 East 13th Street Silver City.

When is the next pantry?

A click here button that takes them to the pantry schedules.

Where can I donate?

Click here button that takes them to donation page 

What if I don’t have a vehicle and want to go to the next pantry?

You can walk up/get a ride from a friend 

How do I sign up for home deliveries?

Reach out to to see if you qualify for a home delivery. 

Can  I donate food to The Commons?

Yes! We have a farmstand that we encourage people to donate extra produce too but anything else is happily welcomed. Just come by the facility and talk to Jennifer the Pantry, contact her at

What are the hours of operations for the Commons?

10-4 M-Th

Where do I start if I want to volunteer?

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at

How much food can I get from the farmstand?

Enough to meet your needs but make sure to share with others!